Reimagine Tomorrow - Forward Together

Jul, 2020  

For every organisation right now, this is an unprecedented time! Businesses of all sizes and entire industries will need to adjust to disruption and change, and the coming months will be pivotal for many.  The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on how we live and work. Much has changed, and many things may never be the same. But one constant is the power of technology to help people and organisations adapt, reinvent and transform. Technology will be a key ally in re-booting enterprise. This is your exclusive invite to join the Microsoft Re-imagine Tomorrow virtual summit, where we will explore the art of the possible for you and your business, and start to move forward, together! 

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Modernising Web Applications and Data

Jul, 2020  

Join us for this free virtual session. 

Migrating your on-premises applications and data to the Azure cloud sounds challenging. Led by Microsoft technical specialists, Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Modernising Web Applications and Data walks you carefully through the steps and decision-making process of a cloud migration. 

ReBuild 2020: Building professional-grade apps the easy way

8 Jul, 2020  

Companies need great solutions, now more than ever. And with operations being disrupted, businesses have to adapt to new ways of working. Microsoft Power Apps gives everyone the ability to rapidly build low-code apps that automate routine processes and solve business challenges. So how can you take advantage of these tools to build professional-grade apps the easy way?  
In this free session of our ReBuild 2020 Series, hear from Gralniguh Muljawan, Technical Architect at Microsoft, as he deep dives into how you can harness the Power Platform to seamlessly create applications. Discover how Power Automate enables easy business process automation and solutions approval. He’ll also share how with Power Virtual Agents, anyone can now build intelligent, enterprise ready chatbots. 

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Migrating Server Infrastructure

21 Jul, 2020  

Join us for a free one-day Virtual event. 

If you want to update your on-premises server infrastructure and get your company ready for the cloud, you’ll need to learn more. Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Migrating Server Infrastructure takes you through the story of the fictional Tailwind Traders as it migrates from a physical and virtual deployment of Windows Server 2008 R2 to the Azure cloud. 

Building AI Application using Azure

On demand

Helps to understand how various Azure AI Services can be leveraged to build Intelligent, Interactive and Engaging Apps – solving Real World problems in a fast and effecient way. This session would help to understand the use of Azure Serverless technology to implement this deep intelligence onto Azure and thus having a more Flexible and Scalabale Client application, across multiple Platforms 

14-Day Tableau Virtual Bootcamp

Mon, July 13, 2020

Keen to build data skills for the future, and start exploring data in Tableau on your own?

Learning together is so much more fun!

This is how the Bootcamp works. Carve out a small portion of your time each day to learn something new about Tableau through Tableau eLearning. Complete daily assignments to ensure you are actively applying what you have learned. Connect virtually with Tableau data experts and Bootcamp mates to ask questions, share ideas, and most importantly, cheer one another along towards Bootcamp graduation!

and Scalabale Client application, across multiple Platforms 

Virtual Test Drive

Tue, July 14, 2020

Join us for a Virtual Test Drive to see how fast you can get started with Tableau!

In this short session we’ll show you how to connect to your data and visualise your queries without writing a single line of code. You’ll learn how to create a dashboard from scratch and see how you can quickly analyse, visualise and share information and publish your results. No matter how you work with your data, Tableau is built to work as fast as you do.

It’s self-service analytics, for everyone. If you are new to Tableau or just getting started, then this session is for you.

Data-Driven Response and Recovery: Process, Preparedness and Public Trust

Tue, July 14, 2020

Join our panel of public sector experts to learn how government organisations can better use data and visual analytics to implement a data-driven response to the impact of COVID-19.

As we face an unprecedented public health crisis, government organisations at all levels are on the front lines trying to understand, track, and mitigate the impact of this pandemic. It’s more important than ever to have access to timely and accurate data to drive decisions about infrastructure, resource planning, and citizen support.

You’ll learn how to leverage data to understand the past, inform the present, and plan for the future as your region moves from the initial triage phase towards stabilisation and recovery.

Data+Women Virtual: Accessibility in Data visualization

Tuesday, July 14 2020

Get comfy at home and join us to learn more about accessibility in data visualization.

Tableau Virtual Test Drive – English

Wed, July 15, 2020

Tableau is all about making data analytics fast, easy, beautiful and most importantly, useful.

Join us for our Tableau Virtual Test Drive and we’ll show you how to connect to your data and visualize your queries without writing a single line of code. You’ll learn how to create a dashboard from scratch and see how you can quickly analyze, visualize, share information and publish your results. Whether you measure your data in petabytes or in billions of rows, Tableau is built to work as fast as you do.

It’s self-service analytics, for everyone.

Making Data-Driven Decisions During the Pandemic

Thu, July 16, 2020

Tableau is committed to helping healthcare organizations see and understand their data.

Advanced Mapping Techniques

Thu, July 16, 2020

For organizations that need to analyze data geographically to drive their business, it is critical that they can unlock “where” outliers and patterns are occurring. In this webinar, find out how Tableau can help you work with spatial data and answer location-based questions.

Introduction to Visual Analytics with Tableau

Wed, July 22, 2020

Over 50 percent of your brain is dedicated to vision, decoding, and processing visual information. You are essentially hardwired for identifying visual patterns and outliers, fast. When you’re scanning a page of text or data, not so much.

Cue modern visual analytics. Visual analytics allows you to consume your data in the optimal way for your brain, leading to faster and more powerful insights. With Tableau, you connect to the most current version of the data you need, instantaneously. No more waiting on your data. It’s at your fingertips, allowing you to solve problems and identify opportunities to drive real business value.

At Tableau, we are in the business of helping people and organizations see and understand their data. Attend this 30-minute webinar and you’ll walk away understanding:

Tableau Prep Virtual Test Drive

Tue, July 28, 2020

Join us for a Tableau Prep Virtual Test Drive to see how Tableau is equipping users with a friendly and smart interface to combine, shape and clean their data.

Tableau Prep Builder helps analysts and business users get data ready for analysis, whilst Tableau Prep Conductor allows you to govern and schedule the flows.

Visual Analytics: Translating Business Questions into Calculations

Wed, July 29, 2020

In this session on Business Driven Calculations, you will learn how to perform some common calculations we often see from our customers to help answer questions and highlight data when we are meeting our targets, visualising running totals over time, percent of totals and YoY calculations.

We will also help you understand the different types of calculations in Tableau; basic, level of detail and table calculations, as well as learning about aggregate vs. non-aggregate. Finally we will share some resources to take your calculation learning to the next level.

Introduction to Advanced Analytics

Thu, July 30, 2020

Welcome to the session on Advanced Analytics looking into how you can ask deeper questions of your data for deeper understanding and insight. Also looking at how you can utilise open source technology such as R and Python into your Tableau instances.

5 important elements of dashboard design

Thu, July 30, 2020

As one of the last steps of the analytical process, it’s crucial to craft an effective story with your data. If you don’t follow good dashboard design practices, our stakeholders’ decision making process is either slowed or worse, incorrect.

As modern business intelligence platforms continue to evolve, it imperative to spend time not only learning about the tool but how to make impactful dashboards that people will actually use.